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Chekhov "Fugitive": a short summary and analysis of the story

APChekhov lived a not very long life (only 44 years), but wrote during this time a lot - 22 volumes of essays and 8 volumes of letters. He wrote different stories, some were big, some small. We invite the reader to study the work that Chekhov wrote - The Fugitive (summary).

czech fugitive summary

Hospital and Doctor

A.P.Chekhov is a work containing an inner morality, and there are those free from it. "Fugitive" refers, rather, to the second. It is only the fixation of some experience or observation. The composition could be based on a real fact, but it could well be invented by Chekhov. "Fugitive" (a summary will be presented in the article) - a work written in a cultural style.

The boy is brought to the hospital by his mother with a strangea wound on the elbow. After examining her hand, the doctor begins to scold the mother with all her heart for the fact that she so late Pashka (Pavel Galaktionova) led him. The doctor says: "How could you pull so much? The child does not bring me six months? Now I have to cut off my hand, and that he is without a hand, who needs it? And you (the doctor turns to the mother) is a burden for a lifetime! "Of course, this scene is deeply described by Chekhov. "Fugitive", the brief content of which fell into our field of vision, it is worth reading the story for the sake of these mise-en-scène, especially since its volume is less than 10 pages.

the story of the Czech fugitive

Before Pashka's mother, apparently, the meaning of the words does not reachtoo, so she expects further instructions from the doctor. Having slightly calmed down, the doctor puts the boy in the hospital. He is escorted to the second floor of the hospital, where, apparently, lie seriously ill people. Pashka is given new clothes, well fed. An old man with a lung injury lies on the next cot in the ward. The boy likes everything: he is well fed, dressed in clean clothes. True, there are some strange and terrible people in the neighborhood, but this worries little during the absorption of hospital food.

Strange pictures for the modern readerdescribes Chekhov. "Fugitive" (summary) is not lying. The boy and mother came, most likely from the village to the hospital, where there was state support, so this is not surprising.

Acquaintance with death

The inconvenience of it began at night, whenit turned out that one of the guests, who was in front of the ward, died, and the patients who shared a room with him tried to take him out on the blanket. They talked noisily, discussing in detail the details of such a difficult matter. Pashka heard their conversations, and panic struck him. Here, and outlined the culmination of the narrative Chekhov. "Fugitive" (work) appears before the reader in all its glory.

czech fugitive

The child began to call his mother.The boy ran to the hospital, then to the street, then he turned out to be unknown at the porch of the doctor's house (the doctor's dwelling was in the hospital), which he examined in the morning. Pashka looked into the window shining in the darkness (although it was scary), he saw there a pretty face and lost consciousness.

The doctor found Pashka a few hours later. The hero of the story came to consciousness to the sound of the doctor's voice. It was already light, and all his fears were scattered, only the doctor's ridicule was left over him.

This is how Chekhov's story "The Fugitive" ends. The summary also ends with this soothing note.

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