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Oil for the tips of hair is the main enemy of dryness and brittleness

Every woman at least once wanted to getluxurious long hair. However, trying to grow hair more authentic, many face the problem of dryness and fragility of the tips. When the ends of the hair split, they have to be constantly cut (otherwise it looks untidy), and long shiny curls are delayed again for an indefinite period.

Olive oil for the tips of the hair

The oil for the tips of the hair is excellentan exit from a similar situation. It helps to prevent dryness, moisturizes and nourishes the hair. That the result of leaving was the maximum, it is necessary to understand the reasons which lead to dryness and fragility.

Why do hair become dry and brittle

First of all, the cause is impactenvironment. Ultraviolet rays and polluted urban air do not contribute to the beauty and health of both skin and hair. In addition, the hair condition is adversely affected by staining and permanent hairdriering or ironing. Even good thermal protection agents are not always able to protect hair from exposure to high temperatures.

Oil for tips of hair reviews

Harm your hair and improperly selected meanscare. Shampoos, balms and masks should be carefully selected in accordance with the type of scalp. No less serious should be approached and the choice of vitamins - the deterioration of the hair condition can talk about the lack of certain substances in the body.

Sometimes dryness can be congenital.And even an innate tendency can be corrected by correctly selecting oil for the tips of the hair. The testimonies of those who checked its effectiveness on themselves, are not bad at this convince.

Which tool to choose

So, the decision to include in the care oil for tipshair taken. It would seem that it is just necessary to start using it regularly, but there may be a problem. The fact is that the choice of various oils is so wide that you can easily get lost.

Oil for tips of hair

Perhaps the most famous oil for the tips of hair- burdock. It not only helps to strengthen and moisturize the tips, but also prevents hair loss. It was used by our great-grandmothers, and today it has not lost its relevance.

It is also good to use olive oil fortips of hair. It should be of high quality, cold pressing. To feel his healing effect on him, it is enough to apply it on dry ends of hair once in two days. It is best to wrap the hair in a towel after applying the product and leave it for half an hour. Then wash off the mask with a normal shampoo.

Any other oil for hair tips can beuse the same principle. For example, rice will help to speed up hair growth and cope with inflammation of the scalp, and almond will rid itself of excessive fat content at the roots and slow aging, red-tail will cope even with the results of chemical wave or dyeing and cure dandruff. To accelerate the growth, you can also use castor oil, and to restore after the paint - jojoba. Oil from grape seeds will give dull curls shine, and coconut softens and provides them with a protective film that protects from the negative impact of the environment.

To find the optimal oil for yourselftips of hair, it is worth trying a few options. Natural components do not pose a health hazard, so the choice will be determined only by what result was good and which is the best.

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