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Turn. Useful properties for humans

Many signs of the steppe southern spiny shrub -The turn, famous for its fruits is dark black with green flesh. All parts of the plant have medicinal properties useful for a person. Tea, brewed from its fragrant flowers, is used as a strong laxative. Decoctions made from the roots of thorns help with dental diseases. Drinks, cooked from the fruits of medicinal plants, have therapeutic and dietary properties. Young wood and bark of the bush are used as a sweatshop as well as antipyretic.

turn useful properties
Healing properties of the turn are manifested due to hisrich chemical composition. There are glucose and fructose in berry bushes. Their composition is rich in cellulose, pectin, organic acids, vitamins E, C and Group B, as well as nitrogen-containing compounds. Tannins, coumarins, carotene, flavonoids, higher alcohols, fatty oil and catechin are found in the fruit. The leaves of blackthorn are rich in vitamin E and ascorbic acid, anthocyanins and phenolcarbonic acids. In the roots of the bush, coloring and tanning compounds were found. Caution requires the handling of seeds. In their composition is a toxic substance glycoside, which secures hydrocyanic acid.

properties of a thorn
It shows the useful properties of the thorns when deliveringfrom pathologies of the intestine and stomach. It helps with liver and kidney diseases. Use of thorn is recommended for beriberi and neuralgia. Reception of a medicinal plant restores disturbed metabolic processes.

It displays useful properties and as a qualitya magnificent antipyretic and effective sweatshop. On the basis of a medicinal plant, some medicinal preparations are manufactured that allow to obtain an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, laxative, antibacterial and diuretic effect. They are designed to provide a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the internal organs and reduce the permeability of the walls of the vessels.

The useful properties of the turn that are enclosed in hisberries, are used to get rid of dysentery and nonspecific colitis, toxic infections, as well as food poisoning. The juice, squeezed from the fruit of the healing bush, has an antibacterial effect. It is especially effective in the treatment of giardiasis and other pathologies, which are caused by the multiplication in the human body of protozoa. Healing juice is also used to get rid of digestive tract disorders. In diseases of the skin, it is applied in the form of compresses or lotions on the lesion.

medicinal properties of thorn

It also shows useful properties in the treatmenthypertension. With this pathology, it is recommended to use infusion from the flowers of the healing bush. This drug will promote the stimulation of intestinal peristalsis and will have a mild laxative effect. Recommended decoction of flowers of blackthorn with dyspnea, nausea, neuralgia, adenoma of the prostate. It is also used as a magnificent diaphoretic and expectorant. It helps with furunculosis and purulent diseases of the skin.

It also shows useful properties and at disposalfrom constipations that are chronic. To eliminate this pathology is recommended infusion of bush leaves. This same drug helps with inflammation in the mouth, cystitis, nephritis and various dermatological diseases.

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