/ How fast and tasty is it to make cheese cakes from cottage cheese?

How quickly and tasty to prepare syrniki from cottage cheese?

Prepare cheese cakes from cottage cheese can be less thanfor an hour and a half. This delicious sweet dish includes in its composition only simple and affordable ingredients, which are always in supermarkets, and the preparation process does not bring much effort. It is worth noting that this light and nutritious dessert is especially popular with children.

Delicious cheese cottage cheese: simple recipe

Necessary products for dessert:

to make cheese cakes from cottage cheese

  • thick 30% sour cream - 3-5 large spoons;
  • cottage cheese, non-acidic - 400 g;
  • chicken eggs small - 2 pcs .;
  • sugar vanilla - 10 g;
  • common salt - a small pinch;
  • soda food (you do not need to quench) - ¼ teaspoon;
  • sand sugar - 5-7 large spoons (can be slightly more);
  • wheat flour - 10-13 large spoons (at personal discretion);
  • powdered sugar, cinnamon powder - 3-4 spoons (for decorating the finished dessert);
  • honey, jam, jam, condensed milk - for serving to the table;
  • Sunflower refined oil - 130 ml (for roasting dishes).

The process of mixing the dough

Before you make cheese curds from cottage cheese,carefully mix a thick milk base. To do this, you need to put the whole product in a bowl, add 2 eggs to it and knead it well. When you have a homogeneous mass of yellow shade, you need to pour vanillin, table salt and granulated sugar into it. All ingredients should be stirred until the solids are completely dissolved.

to cook delicious cheese cottage cheese

To make cheese cakes from cottage cheese magnificent andsoft, in a basis it is required to add also baking soda and some spoons of a dense sour cream. In the end, the mass must be poured in wheat flour. As a result of mixing all the products, you should get a thick but soft dough, which practically does not stick to the hands.

Formation of dessert

Prepare cheese cakes from cottage cheese is very easy andjust. To do this, you need to take the ready-made dough in your hands, sprinkle it with flour and roll out of it sausage up to 6 centimeters thick. Then the basis is required to cut into little bits. Their width should not exceed one and a half centimeters. Each resulting piece is also recommended to be sprinkled with wheat flour (can be replaced with semolina or breadcrumbs).

Heat treatment

Cheese croutons simple recipe

To make delicious cheese curds from cottage cheese,It is necessary to take a saucepan, pour in a sufficient amount of oil and heat it up a lot. After that, on the surface of the dishes should be laid out in turns, up to 6 casks. When their underside becomes rosy, you must immediately turn it with a spatula. Thus, frying syrniki, they must be carefully pulled out of the pan and put on a large plate on the big plate.

How to properly serve the table

Cottage cheese sweet product, cooked onfrying pan, should be presented to the guests in a warm or chilled form. From the top of the cheese cake is recommended generously sprinkled with powdered sugar or ground cinnamon. Also to this dessert you can serve hot strong tea, jam, fresh honey, condensed milk and other sweets.

Bon Appetit!

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