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How to pickle trout at home: some tips

Trout, salmon, ketu are called red fish. It also means color, but above all - the significance and beauty: Red Square, red girl, red price ...

how to pickle trout at home
Trout is not in vain called red.It is also valuable for nutritional and taste properties. And how to pickle trout at home, is described in this article. And it is very good, if such a fish will be more often present in the diet thanks to some tips, gleaned here.

Selection of fish for salting

How to pickle trout at home?First of all, you need to choose it correctly. Purchasers of frozen fish are necessarily at risk, because no one knows what will happen as a result of defrosting, how long the fish spent on storage, in what conditions and how many times it was thawed. Everyone knows that meat and fish, like any other products, lose a lot after re-freezing, not only in the content of valuable nutrients, but also in taste. When buying, you need to look so that there are no dents on the surface of the skin (traces of pre-freezing), so that the scales are not dull, to control the smell and color.

how to pickle trout by slices
Cutting fish

Before you tell how to pickle the trout inhome conditions, you need to explain not only the features of its purchase, but also the principles of initial processing. Wash fish and clean scales. If it is uncut - remove the insides (there is a caviar!). Cut all the fins so they do not interfere with removing the carcass from the carcass. You need to use a very sharp knife. Do not throw anything away! This is a red fish, from what is not useful in salting, you can cook an excellent ear. Cut off the head from which you need to remove the gills, so that there is no bitterness in the broth. Skin removed from the side of the head and carefully, trying not to damage the meat. To pick up the edge of the fingers and gradually penetrate them inside, between the meat and the skin. Usually, trout have a good layer of subcutaneous fat, so the process should not be difficult. Especially if the fish is fresh. Thus, first one half of the carcass is freed from the cover, then the other. The end of the tail is released with difficulty, and it is not necessary to fight with it - to cut off the tail to the soup right from the place where the difficulties started. Next, make an incision along the dorsal bones along the ridge to the spine, and the second - along a line that separates the flesh of the back and abdomen on its side. In the incisions, immerse the fingers and gently separate the dorsal fillets first from one, then from the other side. Bones must slip out of meat, so it's better to do without sudden movements. The abdomen is released from the meat is not so clean, but it's good: the soup will be more savory and tastier. Result: two equal stripes fillets, two belly without bones - broth set.

how to pickle fish trout
How to pickle trout by slices

The abdomen is cut into pieces, fearlessly salt,lightly sprinkle with sugar, black pepper and nutmeg nutmeg on the tip of the knife, add a bay leaf, you can dill. Pour lemon juice, mixed in equal parts with olive oil, mix and put in the refrigerator for the night in a tightly closed plastic container. Impatient can try right away.

How to pickle fish trout deliciously

For half a kilogram of trout fillets - on a tablespoonsalt and sugar, bay leaf, olive oil, basil, oregano, mint - if desired, white and black pepper to taste, lemon. Whole fillets or pieces should be rubbed with a mixture of salt, peppers and herbs. If you pour the pieces, you can use a glass jar or plastic container. The whole fillet is wrapped in foil or parchment. At the bottom of the cans lay a bay leaf and densely lay the pieces, sprinkling each layer with lemon juice. When all the fillets are laid, add olive oil and cover. To withstand in the refrigerator the night. Whole fillet grate mixture, pour olive oil, put lemon slices on top, tightly wrap in parchment and also soak in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Here's how to pickle the trout at home, so that it's delicious!

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