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"Stars in the Rain": a short story

The summary of "Stars in the Rain" is capable ofTo tell the main idea of ​​Krapivin's story. Good fairy tale about miracles, which we constantly forget among our gray everyday life, but which surround us everywhere. One has only to reach out and the world will look completely different.

The celestial vault in bad weather

The summary of "Stars under" rain will be small, but the work itself is small in volume.

stars in the rain

Stars in the rain! Has anyone watched such a phenomenon? It's unlikely that anyone would throw his gaze on the sky in the rain, right? And in vain! So much can be seen in the firmament during a bad weather.

To see the stars during the rain is very romantic,beautiful. It seems that such a miracle exists only in a fairy tale. And ordinary people do not have time for such stupidity, as looking at the sky. This is exactly how adults think, who drowned in the dullness of their usual everyday life.

Children's view of the world

The summary of "Stars in the Rain" introducesreader with the protagonist of the work - a glorious boy who most of all wants to help people notice simple miracles that are full around.

a short streak of a star in the rain

The main character is an ordinary child, a boy namedSlavka. Slavka was distinguished by his curiosity and desire to learn as much as possible new. By his childish naivety, he believed in any miracles that could happen in this world. But Slavkov's main difference from other people was that he not only believed. He wanted to create miracles himself, giving people the joy that others began to believe in a fairy tale with which they meet daily, but do not notice.

New discoveries

The summary of "Stars in the Rain" Krapivin continues a new idea, which came to the head of a young boy.

Once Slavka visited an extraordinary thought:everyone can see the stars around the clock. Do not believe me? But the boy was able to prove this, inventing a very simple thing. In order for people to be under the stars even in the daytime, Slava pierced a lot of small holes in a black umbrella.


The summary of the story "Stars in the Rain" should mention the unjust reaction of Slava's mother to his new invention.

a short story of a star in the rain

Despite the fact that Slavka undoubtedly createdsomething new that could serve people for good, the mother still punished the boy. But the main character did it solely for good motives. Aunt, who came to visit the Slavkov family, instead of saving the boy from punishment, only supported the mother and even offered to come up with a more severe punishment. Everything that happened was very grievous to Slava. He did not agree with the justice of his punishment.

The consequences of injustice

Completely upset Slava saw only onethe way out of this situation is to escape. Offended by misunderstanding, the boy disappeared from the house. His invention, he still decided to show the world, hoping that others will appreciate his work, that it will bring them joy.

Несмотря на надежды мальчика, его труд тоже не all appreciated. Only the captain understood him, who was soon to embark on a journey in search of Antarctica. It was this man who accepted the boy's invention, appreciating it with dignity. Only this person realized that the child really wants to show people that miracles are real. Just make a little effort to see them.

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