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"The Legend of the Belgorod Jam" - a summary of the work

Today we will consider the "Legend of the Belgorod Kisel". The following is a brief summary of the story. If you do not have time to read the full version, our article will help you.

Steppe peoples

If you want to plunge into the distant pastKievan Rus, read "The Legend of the Belgorod Kisel". We will begin with a brief summary of how the Pechenegs came to Belgorod one day. In the times of Kievan Rus, the steppe peoples often attacked this state. Pechenegs also came with the war, but they could not take the attack by storm. Then they surrounded him and began to besiege him.

story about the Belgorod jelly


In the next part of the beginning of the famine narrates"The Legend of the Belgorod Joss". The summary will be continued with a description of the state of siege. Weakened people were seized with unprecedented despair. And they decide to surrender to the Pechenegs. The summary of the story "The Legend of the Belgorod Kisel" will be continued with a description of the veche that was collected on this issue. This was the name of the people's congregation at the time of ancient Russia. The people proclaimed that they wished to surrender to the Pechenegs and would allow them to kill whom they wished, and whom they would want to let go, because such an outcome is better than a sure death from hunger.

a short story about the legend of the Belgorod jelly

After some time, one elderly person risesman and gives intelligent advice. He suggests not to give life to enemies, but to try to outwit them. The elder gave the task to gather from each of the households at least one handful of bran, wheat or oats. When all the necessary was collected, the local women made a talker. After that, they dug up the well and placed a small tub in it, poured a chattle into it. A day later, residents in the city invited several Pechenegs to negotiate. Seeing how people get food from the well, and after eating it, the opponents were very surprised. The townspeople then told the Pechenegs that the people of Belgorod could not be defeated even in ten years, since the food they received from the land itself. The enemies believed that the very nature on the side of Kievan Rus and realized that they could not stand Russians. So the enemies of the city wall left empty-handed.


"The Legend of the Belgorod Kisel" - literature,which refers to the "Tale of Bygone Years." To understand it, one should know the meaning of some Old Russian words. For example, chalks were called clay frying pans, which had high edges, and also a hollow handle. Belgorod is a city on the Irpeni River, which is the right tributary of the Dnieper. It was located near Kiev, was founded in 991. Korchaga is a large vessel made of clay, which has one or two handles.

a legend about the Belgorod jelly literature

"The Legend of the Belgorod Kisel" was composed by the Russianpeople and passed it on to succeeding generations. Simple people have become the authors of many legends. It was they who became the first national creativity and formed the basis of the Russian state, its cultural and artistic embodiment. The legends reflect various national ideals, among which love for the motherland, resourcefulness and intelligence. Now you know what the "Tale of the Belgorod Kisel" narrates about. The summary of the epic we gave above.

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