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Summary of "Asi" - beloved story

With the story "Asya" I met when I wasabout ten years. Since then, I consider her the best work of the first love. Rereading it from time to time and admiring the skill of Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, I keep in my memory the eternal images of sadness and joy, contempt and inspiration, inner breakdown and desperate faith.

The entire Turgenev is very brief

This work conquered me with its purity,sincerity, liveliness of the characters, so I really want to describe to you its brief content. Asya was not with the main character when he realized that he loved her. I believe that this circumstance is the main event, which the author wanted to tell the reader about. Thus, Turgenev learned a lesson from the past, but still remains a mystery: from his own experience or from the past of his fictional hero, whose life fancifully intertwines with the life of the prototype of this character.

Summary "Asya", like the story itself,begins with a meeting in a German town, where the main character came to rest. From Russia to Germany, in the same places by coincidence, a Russian couple came to rest: Asya and her brother. There, these three characters of the love story were played.

It is impossible not to include in the summary "Asi"my praise to the author's skilful description of everything around him: nature and all actions of people play the role of a rim in this story for precious human emotions of great importance. The contradictions that arise in the soul of the protagonist about who Asya, what her life was, cover her artistic image in secret, ultimately idealizing her feelings in the eyes of the reader. Turgenev slowly but surely awakens in the reader the attitude that the protagonist is experiencing towards the girl.

Turgenev story short

The explanation between Asya and the protagonist inThe final part of the story was heartfelt, but, like many dramatic moments, it is very brief. Content Asya her companion (later the main character finds out that the girl was on the maintenance of her half-brother) influenced the formation of the worldview of this beautiful young lady. The closed and unsociable girl eventually turned into a sweet girl: a very delicate but wild rose, which can be ruined by one step only, or wound her soul about her.

It's not so hard to guess how you felt aboutthe young lady himself Turgenev. The story "Asya", the brief content of which helps to feel the depth of the writer's revelation, was for him one of the most expensive creations. He felt the girl, admired her, but also understood and sympathized with his protagonist, who, out of a sense of fear of uncharted happiness, rejected the love of a young, madly in love soul.

I have always loved writers who in their booksopen the whole spectrum of low and lofty human experiences. Therefore, I will never forget that the author of the story "Asya" is Turgenev. Very brief content of the work presented to your attention in this article, I hope, does not detract from the magic of the magnificent and sensual original.

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