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Yanka Bryl, "Galya": a short summary of the story

It is surprising and at the same time very pleasant that withthe development of information technology does not exhaust the interest of the reading public towards the cultural heritage of the past. For example, the younger generation often has an interest in reading a work written by Yanka Bryl, "Galya" (a short summary of the story will be presented in this material). This is natural, since the pen of Yanka Bryl holds many samples of artistic prose.

Childhood and Youth of the People's Writer of the BSSR IvanAntonovich Bryl held in Western Belorussia. With this region, most of his narratives are related, in which the life of the common people is described. One of the author's significant literary creations is a short story that was published in 1953.

A touching story about the difficult female destiny (Yanka Bryl, "Galya")

The summary of the first part of the story is reducedto the description of the events unfolding in the post-war Belarusian village, which until 1939 was part of Poland. A woman named Galya lives with her teenage son Antos and daughter Sonechka in a remote village.

Yanka Grylya

The daily life of the family is connected with work in the field andcare of pets. All the hard work lies on the fragile shoulders of a woman and her children. Galina's husband is serving a long prison term for speculation, and his parents died before the war. On short summer nights, a woman remembers her youth, years of life with a hated man, the father of her children.

Great love and ruined youth

In the continuation of the story (Yanka Bryl, "Galya")the brief contains the memories of the main character about the past youth. Her father Galya did not know, her mother - farmer Maryl, raised her daughter alone. Although they called the girl in the village a bastard (illegitimate, fatherless), but this nickname did not stick to her. Galya grew lazy and hard-working, many children in the village looked at her beauty. But the girl's heart belonged only to one - a cheerful harmonious Sergei. Only a week lasted their happiness, and then the guy suddenly disappeared.

Here the son of a well-to-dothe farmer Mykola. Galya did not want to answer his courtship, but where to go? For a girl from the poorest family in the village it was a great honor to marry a rich man. Especially Galia knew that her beloved Sergei was arrested for his connection with the communist underground and it was not known whether he could escape from the gendarmerie dungeons.

Yanka Bryl, "Galya": a short summary of the final part

After the wedding was a young woman onfarm, where its gray routine began to flow, filled with hard work and mockery from her husband and his parents. The years passed, the Second World War ended, and the territory where the village was located became part of Soviet Belarus. Day and night, the noise of agricultural machinery is heard on the collective farm fields.

gal Yankee

Galya knows that one of the tractors worksSergei. Galina's children grew up, but in her heart, love for this person still does not fade. Will they ever meet? Will Galya be happy? Yanka Bryl, the short story of which you just read, as if intentionally leaving the narrative unfinished, inviting the reader to think independently of the further development of the plot.

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