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Large plants of Perm

Perm is the largest and one of the oldestindustrial centers of the Urals. Due to the mineral wealth of the Ural Mountains, the ore mining, processing and construction industries are well developed in the region. Enterprises and factories in Perm occupy an important place in the structure of the Russian economy.

factories of Perm

Motovilikhinskiye Zavody

Public society is a complexproduction specializing in metallurgy, metalworking, the production of weapons and ammunition. The company was founded by Motovilikha copper smelter, founded by V.N. Tatishchev in 1736. It became one of the first factories in Perm. After a century, copper mines were depleted, and the factory workers switched to iron smelting, having built a open-hearth furnace unique for the Urals.

The company's activities are divided into three blocks:

  • Casting and metal rolling.
  • Release of drilling, road-building, oilfield equipment.
  • Artillery systems.

The company is known as a manufacturer of mortars (driven and self-propelled), field and self-propelled artillery, MLRS, fire control machines.

plants of Perm photo

PMK "Perm Motors"

A large association of design offices andfactories of Perm, specializing in the development, assembly, maintenance of engines for aircraft, helicopters, space technology. In addition, PMK is engaged in metal processing, the production of motor blocks, spare parts for aircraft, tools, technological equipment, non-standard equipment.

80 years ago on the basis of the Motor Plant inPerm began the production of piston aircraft engines. By the end of the fifties, their opportunities were completely exhausted. In 1946-1949, design and experimental work was carried out to develop aviation gas turbine engines. Immediately to their creation Permian designers began in 1953, when OKB-19 headed PA. Soloviev.

In 1960, under the leadership of Pavel Solovyovthe first serial two-circuit turbojet two-shaft engine D-20P is created. His successful state tests approved a two-circuit scheme as the main one in the domestic aircraft engine industry. Today the basis of the production of the complex is the motors of the PS-90 series.

Perm enterprises and plants


A major developer and manufacturer of communications equipment. The enterprise was established in 1957, it was privatized in 1993. The Perm factory is engaged in the manufacture of complex scientific and technical products:

  • power supplies;
  • blocks of ordinary protection;
  • integrated monitoring and control systems;
  • multiplication units of network synchronization signals;
  • control and measuring equipment;
  • multiplexers;
  • sets of accessories, tools.


The joint-stock company is based on thegas processing plant (Perm), whose photo is impressive in its size. The giant of petrochemistry was built in 1967, since that time it has been repeatedly modernized and expanded. Today it is the largest Russian enterprise for the production of expandable polystyrene. In addition, Sibur-Khimprom produces:

  • styrenes;
  • ethylbenzenes;
  • butyl alcohol;
  • propylene;
  • ethylhexanol;
  • ethylene.
    plants Perm list

List of plants in Perm

In the city there are more than a hundred large and small enterprises. We note only a few of them:

Factory name

Address in Perm



Underwood, 43

repair of promotional equipment, metalworking, construction metal structures

"Anchoring systems"

Factory, 1

Construction Equipment


Solikamskaya, 313A

Concrete products, concrete

"The Great Earth"

G. Hasan, 105, c.162

Agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment


Promuchastok, 40B



Glyadenovsky tract, 12

Concrete products, concrete


G. Hassan 105, c.17 / 2

Oil and gas equipment, hydraulic equipment, special equipment, warehouse equipment


Fir, 35



Highway 11

Industrial chemistry, chemical raw materials


Kazakh, 70/2




Metalworking, fasteners, hardware, furniture fittings


Lobanovo, 1

Metalworking, prefabricated buildings, forged products


Fir, 35



Williams, 37B

Industrial chemistry, rubber technical, varnish-and-paint products


G. Hasan, 105, Kor. 19

Metalworking, construction metal structures


Danschina, 7

Food equipment


Vladimir Kim, 3

Concrete products, concrete


Pushkarskaya, 138, Kor. 2

Drilling equipment


Towing, 4



Traveling, 2

Reducers, electric motors, pumps, electrical products

Thus, we briefly reviewed the industrial complex of Perm.

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