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Some tips on how to prepare fondue at home

Fondue came to us from Switzerland.Initially, it included ingredients such as cheese and wine, which were put on the fire, and after everything turns into a mixture, it was dipped in small pieces of home-made bread. Currently, this dish is prepared almost all over the world, while using completely different ingredients. How to prepare fondue, written a lot, while in order to prepare this dish, it does not have to have any special skills and exotic products.

Если говорить о том, как приготовить сырное fondue, then for this quite enough cheese, spices, a little white wine or cherry tincture, as well as any products that are at hand: bread, vegetables, meat, seafood. Preparing this dish very quickly, so it is worth taking on it immediately before the arrival of guests or a few minutes before the start of the holiday.

First, a little wine is poured into the dishes, whichslightly heated on a small fire. After that cheese is gradually added. In order for it to melt better, it is better to crush it first. After the bubbles appear on the surface of the mixture, spices are added (usually black pepper and nutmeg, but you can take on your own and others), as well as chopped clove of garlic. After that, the cream cheese keeps on the fire for about three minutes, but you can not allow it to boil, and then it is removed from the fire, but under it is placed a small burning candle that will not allow the mixture to solidify.

Small pieces of vegetables (carrots, potatoes,broccoli and others), toasted crusty bread, peeled seafood or boiled meat fillet is put on skewers, dipped in the mixture and, after the cheese cools a little, is eaten.

Before you prepare a fondue, it's worth taking careabout the dishes. For this, special sets are used, most often made of heat-resistant ceramics, copper or stainless steel. They usually include a deep bowl, in which the mixture will be prepared, as well as several small cups and special forks with two denticles. However, if there is no such set, then a bowl made of any heat-resistant material and having a suitable size and volume can be used. Instead of fork, you can take toothpicks or small skewers from bamboo for barbecue.

Before you cook chocolate fondue, it's betterin advance take care of the water bath, on which the chocolate will melt. If you do this on ordinary fire, it can burn out or collect in a ball, the candle is better to use, so that the mixture does not freeze, and not as a method of melting (which is rather inefficient).

How to prepare chocolate fondue is worthsay more, since such a dessert is becoming more common. Chocolate is better to take quality, famous brands, its kind (dark, bitter, etc.) depends on the taste preferences of the cook. You can experiment by adding several types at once. In addition, you need a bit of an alcoholic beverage (for example, whiskey, cognac, rum, liqueur) and spices (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, etc.). For a more pleasant taste, you can add a little butter; those who love the messenger, we advise you to take more sugar. The chocolate mixture is diluted with cream.

Talking about how to prepare a fondue made fromchocolate, it is worth mentioning that it is better to combine with it. Of course, there are a lot of options. The most universal option will be pieces of bread rolls or breads (you can take different types). You can also take fruit or berries. If the mixture turned out to be sweet, then it is better to take out more, for example, citrus, gooseberries; If you used bitter chocolate, then fruit is recommended to take a messier, here the most effective option may be strawberries, banana or a combination of them.

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