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Chemical peeling at home - fast skin rejuvenation.

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure duringwhich removes dead skin particles from the upper layer of the skin. This improves its appearance accordingly. This procedure is divided into three main types: chemical peeling, physical and mechanical.

Let's take a closer look at how to do chemical peels at home. This method is quite simple, but requires accuracy.

Chemical peeling well dissolves impurities without damaging the skin. Immediately after application, you can see the results:

- the depth of wrinkles is reduced,

- skin texture is aligned,

- improves complexion,

- freckles and pigment spots disappear.

Для этого вида пилинга используются ферменты, capable of dissolving dead skin cells. To get maximum results, it is recommended to use them with salicylic, ascorbic and retinolic acid.

Chemical Peeling at Home with Salicylic Acid

Take one tablet of acetylsalicylic acid,add a few drops of water and wait until it is completely dissolved. Then add some honey. If you have allergies to it, then replace the gel with aloe vera. All is well mixed and applied to cleansed skin. Within a minute, rub the mixture into the skin exactly along the lines of least stretching. Great attention should be paid to problem areas of the skin - this is an area of ​​enlarged pores with black dots.

This type of peeling is not suitable for too sensitive and delicate skin, as it removes the stratum corneum.

Chemical peeling at home using calcium chloride

This method of cleansing is more suitable for oily and mixed skin. Carry out the procedure should be very careful, and only then you can get a great result.

Before you start doing peeling at home for the face, you need to test on a closed area of ​​the body and only then apply to the skin.

For its preparation, we need a solutioncalcium chloride 5-10% and baby soap. If you are peeling for the first time, first use a 5% solution or just dilute the 10% solution with clean water.

Ватный диск смачиваем в растворе хлористого calcium, slightly wring out and gently apply to the skin. After the first layer is completely dry, apply the next layer and wait for it to dry again. This should be done four to eight times. For the first time will be enough four times.

When the last layer dries, lather your fingersbaby soap and gently roll the solution so that soap flakes appear. Massage your face and lather your fingertips again if necessary. If there are wrinkles around the eyes, you can work there, but only very carefully.

If everything is done correctly, the skin should not be plucked or burned. If this happens, immediately flush the solution with plenty of water and baby soap.

Complete the procedure should be when you hear a clear squeak on the skin. With a large amount of water we wash the solution and soap suds from the face.

After chemical peels at homeconditions finished, it is necessary to apply a soothing mask. To do this, you can mix a decoction of chamomile with a crumpled banana and chopped oatmeal. Apply the mask for ten minutes and wash off. After it is desirable to apply a moisturizer.

Chemical facial peeling at home is betterjust spend the evening, until the morning the skin was able to recover and calm down. For oily skin is required to do it once a week, and for dry skin - up to once a month.

Chemical peeling will make your skin smooth, white and elastic in a short time. You should not spend money on this procedure in beauty salons, because at home the effect is not worse.

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