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Question for everyone: how to dance in a disco?

Movements to music at all times have been lovedhumanity, whether it's a ball or a called evening, dancing in a club of Soviet times or modern discos. It was, is and will be - to move to the rhythms of music like almost everyone. And if someone claims that he does not like it, most likely, he is simply shackled, shy, with internal conflicts. Or, perhaps, there is no mood. In general, dances are not only the movement of the body, dances are the singing of the soul in physical manifestation. Judge for yourself, because any music evokes some emotions, often very strong, and when it sounds, there is a desire to sing, dance, rejoice, or, on the contrary, cry, sad, sad - it all depends on the melody.

And today, as always, discos are popular.Basically, of course, there spends time young people, but there are evenings "for those to whom for ...". People go to dances for different ages and musical preferences, but few people think that there also has their own rules. Although, still, many people come up with the question of how to dance at a disco, but apart from the technique of dance, there is elementary etiquette, and just small nuances, observing which, you will essentially rise in the eyes of the opposite sex.

If we talk about the technical side of dancing, thenthere are a few simple rules that will make it possible to stand out from the crowd and yet not look stupid. Of course, the best option is to enroll in modern dance classes. The choice there, as a rule, is huge: there would be your desire and consent, and so you can teach everything, right up to how to properly dance striptease). However, this is a separate topic, and now about discos. Come for the first time to dance classes, to begin with, choose what you think is the most suitable option for dancing in the disco and the development of your plasticity. After walking there for a month or two, you yourself will be surprised how much better and more graceful the movements became. And most importantly, you will acquire a skill that will not go anywhere.

No time, no opportunities, no desire to go toclasses? Then start improving the technique yourself. How to dance in a disco? So that those around you admire your plasticity! And if in school dance lessons you were told that your movements are worthless, spit on those ill-wishers! Everyone can develop, and in any direction. The main thing in dancing is to feel the rhythm and your body. Dance so that every movement brings pleasure to the body. Do not invent how it should be - everything will come itself.

To learn how to dance properlydisco, first give vent to your body. When no one interferes, turn on the music you like, and move only as you wish, for some time. Best of all - until you get bored. Do this several times a week. When the stiffness is finally over, start dancing in front of the mirror - of course, it should be big enough. First, dance with ease, not controlling yourself. This will help to notice the flaws that need to be removed. Determine which movements spoil the overall picture, and do not use them anymore. Exercises in front of the mirror are generally useful, they allow you to look at yourself from the side.

Besides how to dance properlydisco, will not be superfluous and remember how to behave. And here a peculiar etiquette will be appropriate, in spite of the fact that in our time the meaning of this word is already forgotten. Perhaps, we all know that pushing, waving your arms and legs at the dance is very indecent. But there are other things. Especially it's about how to dance a slow singer. In slow dance, a woman should move in time with the music, while firmly resting on the hands of a man. Even if he dances disgustingly, and the lady obviously leads a dance, she needs to create the feeling that this man is sending her. Believe me, the gentleman will appreciate this.

A man, in turn, must be strong -even in the dance. Keep the lady strong, but without excess force, do not hurt her. In choosing the distance, follow the rule of the golden mean - not far and not close. Do not be detached and alienated, but do not forget that hot embraces are appropriate only if there is a serious reason for that.

If you are invited to a dance, do not offend with a refusal.Refusal will be appropriate only in the event that this person invites you not the first time. Refusing, think up a worthy excuse. If the partner does not like you, this does not mean that he does not like the others - do not spoil the person's self-esteem.

And the last thing: in the dance try to feel the mood of the partner: what he (or she) likes and what doesn't. Do not be selfish, this is sure to appreciate!

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