/ How to properly inhalate with saline solution? Inhalation by saline solution to the baby

How to properly make inhalation with saline solution? Inhalation by saline solution to the baby

A person can get sick at any time of the year.There are many reasons for this: weak immunity, sharp temperature changes, banal draft and much more. Modern parents do not want to give the child once again strong medicines, because any remedy has many side effects, and adults often suffer from allergies to pills. And both can be helped by ordinary saline solution. It helps to eliminate rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and many other diseases of the respiratory tract.

inhalation with saline solution

If you did not know, you can prepare saline solutioneven at home. To do this, take 1 liter of boiled water and 10 grams of salt. Mix the salt thoroughly and the solution is ready. Keep it in the refrigerator no more than a day. Otherwise, instead of therapeutic action, he will have the opposite. Before using the solution, it must be heated. But you should be careful, because the mucous nasopharynx is very tender, it can easily be burned.

Inhalation with saline during coughing

Why from all medicinesIs saline the best? Everything is very simple. Small children do not know how to swallow tablets, in addition, pharmaceuticals have many side effects; Drops almost immediately enter the esophagus; ointments stay on the mucous membrane, but practically do not reach the respiratory tract; the action of aerosols for a short time.

saline inhalation with cough

What are the advantages of saline?The use of this drug does not cause allergies and other side effects, has a moisturizing effect on the nasopharyngeal mucosa. In addition, salt is a good antiseptic. When it hits the mucous membrane, it kills pathogens. Also, salt softens the cough and helps to withdraw phlegm from the lungs.

How to do inhalation with saline solution?

For carrying out of medical procedures all the same it is better to take saline in a drugstore, because there it is sold in a sterile form.

To eliminate the cough, you need to pour the saline solution into the inhaler and inhale deeply its vapors. With a strong cough in the healing fluid, you can add medications.

When dry cough preparations are prescribed "Berodual"or "Pulmicort." When wet, it is better to use the means "Lazolvan", ATSTS, "Fluimutsil". Also in saline solution you can add antibiotics: "Bioparox", "Fluimucil", etc.

It is necessary to remember the importance of the temperature regime.For children under 3 years of age, saline should not be warmer than 30 degrees, and up to 5 years, 40 degrees. From the age of 6, you can apply a therapeutic fluid at a temperature of 52 degrees, and for adults - at 54 degrees.

Children under three years of inhalation can be done once a day, from 3 years and adults - three times a day. The course of treatment will depend on the type of cough and the presence of complications, and also on age.

What is a nebulizer?

saline inhalation

The nebulizer is a special device in whichmedicinal liquids turn into drops. The latter, getting on the nasopharyngeal mucosa or lungs, penetrate inside and have a very good therapeutic effect.

What differences does this inhalation have with saline solution?Nebulizer will be used by the smallest children and elderly people. The thing is that when using this device you do not need to take a strong breath or adjust to its work. Breathing is done when it is convenient for you. The medicine does not evaporate anywhere, but is in a special reservoir.

For small particles saline solution disintegrates with a special compressor built into the device and working from the network.

Basic rules for inhalation with a nebulizer

saline solution

1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Collect the nebulizer.

3. Prepare the medicinal substance and heat it to the desired temperature.

4. Pour the solution into the nebulizer cup.

5. Close the device tightly and attach a face mask, mouthpiece or nose cannula to it.

6. Connect the nebulizer to the compressor.

7. Turn on the compressor and start inhaling the drug.

8. After the procedure is over, turn off the compressor and disconnect the appliance.

9. Rinse all parts of the nebulizer with 15% soda solution.

10. Boil everything for 10 minutes.

11. Dry the components of the device and store them in a clean cloth.

Procedure for colds

saline solution

Inhalation with saline solution can be carried out evennewborn children. Getting on the nasal mucosa, medical fluid softens it and promotes the excretion of mucus. With a cold, the procedure should be performed every 4 hours. To begin treatment it is necessary at the first manifestations of the disease, if the illness lasts for several days, saline will not help. It will require the use of medicines.

In inhalation with saline solution, you can addvarious essential oils, for example, pine needles, eucalyptus. Aloe or Kalanchoe juice is also used. But you need to use all these tools with caution. Very often they cause allergies.

Rules for inhalation with a cold

1. The temperature of the solution should be at least 37 degrees and not higher than 45 degrees.

2. Use caution when using essential oils.

3. When using essential oils, it should be remembered that for therapeutic action only a few drops are required.

4. Treatment should be permanent - every day, every 4 hours, until the signs of the disease disappear.

Rules of use of the inhaler

1. Wash hands before the procedure.

2. Do not inhale immediately after eating. It is better to wait 1.5 hours and then begin treatment.

3. During the treatment period, you must stop smoking at least 1 hour before the procedure.

4. During the procedure, you can not talk.

5. The patient should wear light clothing that does not impede breathing.

6. In case of upper respiratory tract infection (runny nose), inhale and exhale should be done through the nose.

7. With ailments of the lower respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia), inhale and exhale through the mouth.

8. If a hormone is added to the solution, rinse the mouth after the procedure. Children can just give a drink of water. If you used a mask, you need to wash your face and eyes.

9. After inhalation, it is necessary to lie for 30-40 minutes. You can not smoke, go out on the street, especially in the cold season.

inhalation cold

In many diseases, inhalations help us.Runny nose or cough can be classified as a mild disease if you have an inhaler and saline solution. Inhalations of saline by a child will never harm. Very often, babies have nasal congestion due to dry air in the apartment. In this case, inhalation can also be used. To inhale a physiological solution to a child will like it, because it does not have a bitter taste (like tablets) or an unpleasant odor (like ointments).

Treatment of a runny nose or a not very strong cough can begin without a doctor's appointment. But add medications in inhalation with saline solution only after consulting with the therapist.

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