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"Humer" for children: the instruction, analogues

There is a mass of drugs for the treatment of childrencoryza. They are divided into antibacterial and antiviral, vasoconstrictive and hormonal, anti-inflammatory and purifying: the choice is very wide. But not every parent can correctly determine which medication to choose for the treatment of his child. Today's article will introduce you to a safe and tested "Humer" drug for children. It is used for medicinal purposes and for the prevention of colds. Analogs of this drug will also be described below.

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Runny nose in children is a common occurrence.Especially acute such diseases in cold weather: early spring, winter and autumn. Kids can hardly breathe because of narrow nasal passages. Often, the disease is complicated. The drug "Humer" (for children and adults) is an excellent preventive tool. In addition, the drug has a positive effect during treatment. Often it is combined with other medicines, and it is perfectly combined with them.

Treatment of a cold in a child does not always requireuse of antibiotics. Many parents are distrustful of antiviral drugs. Vasodilating drops can be used only a few days. So what to treat the baby? "Humer" is a medicine that contains an isotonic solution of sterile sea water. It contains micronutrients and useful substances. The drug does not include preservatives and dyes. Due to this, it does not cause allergies. The product can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription at a price of about 700 rubles for 150 milliliters. The drug, intended for adults, costs an average of 100 rubles cheaper.

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Purpose of the drug: treatment and prevention

For treatment and for the purpose of prophylaxis, the "Humer" remedy is used. For children, the following circumstances are called indications for use:

  • dryness in the nose;
  • congestion and difficulty breathing;
  • allergy;
  • inhalation of harmful substances;
  • acute inflammation of the nasopharynx;
  • chronic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, pharyngitis;
  • vasomotor and allergic rhinitis;
  • adenoids and hypertrophy;
  • postoperative period;
  • the period of epidemics and frequent contact with infected people.

Proven drug safety

If we talk about contraindications, then the informationwill be very scarce. Due to its natural composition, the drug is safe. Do not use it only with high sensitivity to components, which is rare. Also, doctors do not recommend the use of "Humer" for children with acute otitis media.

Studies have shown that the drug is safe.It is allowed to use in children from the first month of life. It can also be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Side effects from the use of sea water do not develop. Only with incorrect application increases the likelihood of otitis. That's why it's so important to read the instructions. Medication, unlike other compounds, can be used alone (without the appointment of a doctor).

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"Humer" for children: instruction and dosage, algorithm of use

For children, whose age has reached 15 years,the medication is prescribed in adult form. The special structure of the nozzle allows to spray the sea water in the right direction. The tip is created taking into account the anatomy of the adult nose. To apply the drug, use the following algorithm:

  1. Spray the liquid into the air and make sure that the medicine is in the vial;
  2. Tilt the head to the left and insert the nozzle into the right nostril;
  3. Press the dispenser and hold it for 3 seconds;
  4. clean the nasal passage, holding the left side of the nose;
  5. repeat the manipulation on the other side.

In infants of the first year of life it is preferable to use Humer 5 ml. For children, the instruction assumes the following algorithm:

  • open one-time capacity of the drug;
  • put the baby not the left side, and in the right nostril enter the tip of the drops;
  • Click on the container and enter the desired amount of the drug in the spout;
  • flip the baby and repeat the manipulation with another hole;
  • Raise the child and hold it vertically, allowing the liquid to flow freely from the nose.

When your baby can sit on his own,You can use not "Humer" drops (for children), but the drug in the form of a spray. The instruction will be the same. It is important that the remedy in the child's balloon has a special limiter, created in accordance with the anatomy of the child's spout.

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Action: how the medicine works

Sterile solution of sea water rendersextremely positive impact. With proper application, the drug can not harm. The product helps to dilute the nasal mucus, it softens the available crusts. The drug moistens the membranes and normalizes breathing. After its application, burning, feeling of stuffiness and itching pass.

If you use "Humer" for treatment, thenthe medicine will remove the bacterial coating from the baby's spout, clean the inflamed zone for further use of the medicines. Often, the medication is used before applying antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.

In order to prevent the drug is also sufficientis effective. After a day's work, clean the child's spout with this remedy. The drug will remove pathogens that could get into the airways for the day. In this way, the spray will prevent possible infection.

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How to replace the remedy: analogues of the drug "Humer"

There are many analogues of the described preparation.In pharmacy chains you can without a prescription to purchase a wide variety of drops, sprays, special devices for washing the nose. All of them are safe and contain in their composition the sea inlet. Popular analogues of the drug "Humer" are:

  • "Aquamaris";
  • "Dolphin";
  • "Physiomer";
  • "Rinostop";
  • "Akvalor" and many others.

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Forming Feedback - Positive

What has the "Humer" spray (for children) reviews?Those consumers who used this product, they were very happy with it. Patients say that a large vial (150 milliliters) is enough for a long time. Indeed, the described volume provides for at least 450 sprays. Despite the high cost, the tool "Humer" has gained popularity among consumers. It is convenient to use. It is not necessary to administer the medication drip and at the same time to throw your head back. It's enough just to bend over and spray the drug.

About the drug "Humer" reviews report that hereally effective. Statistics show that regular use of the drug several times reduces the likelihood of viral diseases. If the infection has occurred, then the remedy will be a good prevention of bacterial complications.

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From the article you learned about the effective and safemeans on the basis of sea water - "Humer". Drops for children instruction allows adults to apply. This is convenient when you need to take the drug with you on the road. A 5-ml bottle does not take up much space in your bag. If this number is not enough, then you can buy the product in a capacity of 50 milliliters. Before using the drug, be sure to read the instructions and, if necessary, consult a doctor. Good luck!

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