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Lentil with vegetables: recipes from the first dish to the second

In contrast to such beans as peas or beans,lentils in our region are not too frequent guest on the table. But it is very useful and does not have such side effects as bloating or gas. In addition, it is perfectly combined with other products, so that you can cook many dishes from it, different, it will not get tired soon. In this case, lentils with vegetables are nutritious, which is very important for the fasting, and does not contain fats, which is attractive for those who follow the figure.

lentils with vegetables

Lentils with pumpkin

In this dish there are other vegetables, but the pumpkin in itmost. 300 g it is necessary to cut it medium-sized. 2 eggplants are also cut, salted and set aside for 20 minutes, after which a bitter liquid merges with them. Carrots crumbles, but not straws or cubes, but ringlets. If the root is thick, you can cut the circles in half. The bulb is cut into half rings. First of all, the pumpkin cubes with carrots and onions are toasted. As zamyamyanjatsja - the glass of lentil is poured in and it is poured as much water. The dish will be stewed in a covered form for a quarter of an hour, after which eggplants are laid, four tomatoes diced with cubes, garlic with denticles and all selected spices. In its entirety, lentils, stewed with vegetables, will hold on fire for another 10 minutes. And at the very end the dish sprinkles with greens.

lentils with vegetables recipe

Lentils with vegetables

This dish is easy to prepare.But to successfully turned out such a lentil with vegetables, the recipe requires separately to weld beans (one and a half cups) to half the preparedness. Semisolid porridge is covered with a lid and is set aside. One piece of carrots and onions are cut, to them are added pieces of two celery stems, and all of this is pasted to softness, but not to the end. With 3 leaves of Peking cabbage, thin parts are cut off, and a thick vein is cut and added to the roast. A little later, chopped Bulgarian pepper and tomato are laid. After a few minutes, a spoonful of tomato paste is added. At the end put a piece of butter, and when it melts - beans. In the process of extinguishing lentils with vegetables should be mixed several times. After 5 minutes of cooking, the fire is turned off and the dish is left for a short time under the lid. Eat it hot and with lots of greens.

lentils with vegetables in a multivariate

Vegetables, mushrooms and lentils

This recipe is interesting not only for its presencechampignons, but also small additions that give the dish a spicy and unusual taste. First, as usual, toasting from a bulb, two carrots, two pieces of celery and three cloves of garlic. When zazharka gilded, chopped mushrooms - grams 200 - are poured into it, and a spoonful of vinegar pours in. To fry it is necessary a couple of minutes for the champignons to brown, but their juice does not completely evaporate. 2 glasses of lentils and 4 chopped tomatoes are added to the pan. Five minutes later, when the croup is softened, but not yet ready, two crumbly bell peppers, a little grated ginger, pepper and salt and cumin are added. Another 5 minutes later, lentils with vegetables are complemented by a glass of raisins and a teaspoon of zira. And already at the very end - hand-spiked spinach. The dish will be ready when all the liquid from the frying pan is evaporated. Thanks to zire, ginger and cumin, your lentils with vegetables will acquire an unearthly taste. And with meat or fish, it harmonizes just fine.

lentil stewed with vegetables

Mexican lentils in the multivariate

Like all dishes of this country, lentils with vegetablesshould be extremely acute. To this end, put in a dish 2 glasses of salsa sauce, chopped garlic clove, a dessert mustard spoon, 2 large spoons of ground chili and half-legged - ordinary black. If you do not want excessive sharpness, reduce the amount of spices - a dish from this in taste will not lose. In a bowl, place a glass of lentils, half a glass of sliced ​​carrots and celery, a cup of corn and chopped sweet peppers. All this is poured with broth (beef, one and a half cups), is seasoned with seasonings, extinguish mode is set and time is 9 hours. Yes, yes, lentils with vegetables in the multivarque will be prepared just that much! But in the morning a fresh dish is sprinkled with chopped herbs, grated eggs and cheese - and you can have breakfast with pleasure.

Lentil soup with vegetables

Lentil soup

For him, beans should be poured cold for half an hourwater. In principle, of all legumes lentils are cooked faster than all, but if it is soaked before being sent to the soup, the "peas" will remain intact and will not burst during cooking. On a three-liter pot of soup, in which lentils with vegetables are present, the recipe recommends taking only half a glass of beans. But if you like the first thicker, the number of them can be increased. After soaking, the water is drained, the lentils are filled with a new one and placed on the stove. When it boils, add three cut potatoes. While the soup will be boiled, finely chopped onions, rubs carrots (and one and the other to take one large piece) and cuts two stems of celery. From all this, a roast is made on lean oil. When she gets an appetizing, ruddy appearance, is added to the pan, which is not removed from the fire for another five to ten minutes. If you do not fast and love meat, lentil soup with vegetables in the end can be flavored with smoked ribs, jaeger sausages or simply boiled chicken. However, even without meat components, it turns out to be hearty, fragrant and tasty.


Add finally that lentils can becooked with almost all the vegetables that can be found on the shelves. However, for any set it is recommended not to avoid celery - with it lentil dishes acquire a more subtle taste.

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