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Coconut oil for hair

Who from the fairer sex does not dream ofluxurious hair? It will not be a secret if I say that the best, effective, affordable means for health and beauty are the gifts of nature. And if we are talking about the beauty of hair, then one of the most effective is considered to be coconut oil. Also, coconut oil can often be seen in face masks, hair, it is added to the nails to strengthen the nails, oil provides skin care for the body. Today I would like to talk about coconut oil and how it affects the condition of the hair.

Coconut oil for hair, application:

- as an emollient and protective agent, you can apply a few drops on clean, slightly damp hair and carefully comb them along the entire length;

- If you melt the butter and apply it to the scalp, wrap it with film and towel for two hours, then wash it off with shampoo, the hair strengthens well and the dandruff disappears;

- you can add kefir to the oil, mix everything, roll the hair with a film and stand on the head for an hour. Then wash off with shampoo.

First of all, I would like to note that thisoil consists of fatty acids, this is its greatest value. In it there are also lauric, and oleic, and myristic, and caprylic, and many other acids. Oil can be used for all types of hair, but it is especially recommended for dry, thin, split, weakened. Coconut oil for hair never leaves fat traces and, what is especially important, does not make heavier hair. It can be added to cosmetics: shampoo, balm, masks and then applied to the hair. The variant of application without cosmetic means is possible.

One of the simplest recipes:apply a few drops of oil on the comb and distribute the product along the entire length. Thirty minutes later, wash your hair. Coconut oil for hair is washed off very easily. Hair becomes softer. If the hair is very dry, after washing on them, apply a few drops of oil. In this case, try not to overdo it, the hair can get fat. After washing, it is possible to treat only the tips with coconut oil.

In addition to simply applying oil to your hair, you can use such a simple procedure as a hair mask. Coconut oil will strengthen hair, give shine and a healthy appearance.

Recipe number 1.Coconut oil can be mixed with sour milk products (sour cream or kefir). I note that coconut oil can be refined and unrefined. In cosmetic procedures, refined oil is used.

Recipe number 2.Add 100 grams of oil to 10 grams of crushed leaves of rosemary and dried chamomile flowers. All the ingredients are mixed and put on a water bath for 30 minutes. After this, remove from the water bath and pour into a dark bottle, put for a week. After the time has elapsed, heat the mixture and filter. This mixture is applied to the hair and the head is wrapped with a towel. Thirty minutes later, they wash their hair with shampoo.

During the procedure, oil envelops every hair, thereby protecting it during mechanical and chemical exposure.

If you regularly use coconut oil forhair, then the hair will become lush, shiny, silky. And the antibacterial properties that this oil possesses will help to solve many problems with the scalp.

Coconut oil for hair could be calledrevolution in the beauty industry, if not for one paradox. About him already for thousands of years knew Indians, whose hair has always been the object of admiration and adoration. Before us, all the secrets have come, but for some reason, few people apply them in practice. I would like to say that in vain. This oil has unique properties and its application spectrum is quite large. Do not be lazy, give a little time to the procedures with coconut oil and your hair will also be lovely.

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