/ How useful is coconut milk?

How useful is coconut milk?

Coconut, the fruit of the palm of the family of arecules, is the producttropical latitudes. It only ripens in countries located on the equator. Because of the three small specks, this brown fruit resembles a monkey's muzzle. Thanks to this similarity, the nut got

Coconut milk
the first name, after all in Portuguese "coco"means "monkey." The products obtained from coconut make up a rather long list. Included in it and coconut milk, which is not only used for food, but is the basis of the most diverse cosmetics.

Despite the stable expression "coconutnut, botanists do not consider this fruit as a nut. According to the standard classification, coconut belongs to the type of drupes. Its outer shell - exocarp, and the inner - endocarpus - pierce three large pores, which form the same specks on the surface of the fetus. Of useful pulp, copra, produce coconut milk and a host of other products. Fresh copra is used in cooking. Especially love the pulp of coconut with its sweet aroma of confectionery. Dried copra is used not only in sweets, but also in the perfume, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. From it squeeze coconut oil, which is added to creams, shampoos, tonics, balms and other cosmetics.

Pulp and coconut juice contain a lot ofvitamins. In addition to the vitamins that make up group B, the fruit contains rare vitamins such as E, C and H. Included in the composition of coconut and a decent amount of micro- and macro elements, such as calcium and potassium, phosphorus and iron, copper, iodine and manganese. Coconut milk and other

Dry coconut milk
fetal components have a healing and antibacterial effect. They are useful for the thyroid gland and joints, improve digestion, enhance immunity.

Nut juice, as a rule, is transparent, and the usualTo us coconut milk of white color is made, mixing water with the crushed flesh. This drink contains all the useful ingredients stored in the fruit. The juice of this nut in its natural form is used only in places where the coconut palm grows. The so-called "coconut water" contains virtually no calories, quenches thirst, removes toxins, treats infections to which the bladder is exposed, and many other diseases.

Unfortunately, this "living water" in our latitudesis very rare. Replaces her coconut milk. The benefits that it brings are also indisputable. This "mix" is equally useful both for internal and external use. Coconut lotions and

Coconut milk, benefits
Masks soften the skin, heal microcracks andSmooth wrinkles. Equally beneficially, this cosmetics affects the hair, adding them to useful substances and strengthening. According to legend, the Queen of Sheba has preserved its beauty for so long thanks to the baths from the water and the pulp of coconut. Dry coconut milk is no less useful than fresh, and contains the same set of trace elements and vitamins.

Cooking and cosmetology do not use coconutis limited. Rigid and rope, carpets and brushes, as well as many other things and building materials are made of hard fibers covering the shell of the "nut". Goes into the business and a solid fruit shell - from it make toys, souvenirs, dishes and ... musical instruments.

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