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Paustovsky - "The Bounder", a summary and conclusions

К.Г.Paustovsky wrote many interesting works that convey the beauty of his native land, nature, teach to love and respect all life. This is also the story "The Baker", which also came up with Paustovsky. A short story shortly will tell you about him, worked on the ferry. He carried people from one shore to another. They called the buoy-builder Semyon. He was already at an age. But not only the work on the ferry was limited to the activities of the old man. He crooked the boats, plied the baskets. Semyon liked to teach young people to the mind, to give various practical advice.

K.G. Paustovsky

main characters

It is from this that Paustovsky begins his story"Bounder", a summary, conclusions will be opened to the reader in this article. The author will try to transfer the reader's thoughts to nature, the shore of a picturesque river, where the main characters of the narrative met. They were boys with faded eyelashes and hair. Paustovsky spoke with them. The baker (a brief introduction to him earlier) approached the company a little later. Before that, Paustovsky had asked the guys what they were doing in these parts. The children said that they work in the Tender Forest, saw there the trees for firewood. We talked about my grandfather Semyon. The guys explained that he's good, but everything is not enough for him. The writer at first did not understand what the guys were talking about.


Then Semen swam up on the boat.He gave everyone a hand, and drove the people to the other side. The conversation began. According to the plot, Paustovsky, the buoy-driver, had already been acquainted with each other before. The summary leads the reader further. Semyon said that the guys are good, but they do not know and understand so far, so he tells them a lot and teaches them. Now the writer began to understand what the children meant when they talked about "little." Grandfather continued. He told how he taught the boys to cut the tree correctly so that it would fall into a safe direction. Thanks to him, the children are now able to breed the teeth on the saw to perform more precise operations.

K.G. Paustovsky

War for the native land

Дед сказал, это ещё далеко не все знания, ведь их while a little. Then he asked if the children know that there is a war now? They answered yes. Knew about this, of course, and Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky. The pirate Seamen regretted that they did not take the old men to war, he would have gone. Then the grandfather asked the guys if they knew everything about love for their native land. Hearing their affirmative answer, the buoyant doubted and asked, what does it mean when a soldier goes into battle for his native land? The guys started talking - it's he who fights for his people, cities, factories. Semyon explained - this is not enough, he began to explain his position to the children.


He said - the boys came to the river from Laskovoyforests, and their way lay through the lake, meadows and fields. On the way there were beautiful flowers. Clover smells like bees, and sleep-grass sleeps at night, lowering its head, heavy from dew, down. The old man talked about the daisy, the scrofula, and the cupen. Here is a story about his native land, nature, written by K.G. Paustovsky. The fancier at the end of the narrative says that our country is lovely. That's all our soldiers are defending, fighting with enemies to protect, protect and not to defile it.

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