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Biscuits for Tiramisu

Probably one of the most loved and famousdesserts all over the world is a divine delicacy - a cake of Tiramisu. Russia is no exception. This delicious dish can be tried in many hot places: from expensive restaurants to ordinary cafes. And if desired, he simply, without extra costs, is prepared and at home. Our article will tell about all this. But first let's dwell a little on the history of this dish, especially since it exists in several versions.

Definitely, we can say that the birthplace of tiramisu -Italy. But further versions diverge. According to one legend, the dish was invented accidentally in the 17th century. In one of the provinces of Italy, Siena, a high-ranking duke from the famous Medici family, Cosimo 3 Tuscany arrived on a visit. He was famous for his desire to taste something sweet, and since it was difficult to surprise him, the Siena chefs came up with an original sweet dish.

They tried to glory: the duke liked the dessert, and he took the recipe with him. The dish became known as the "soup of the duke", gradually spreading throughout Europe.

According to another version, more believable and documented, the dish was invented in the late 15th century, in the duchy of Savoy, timed this time, for the visit of the King of France.

And there is an opinion that tiramisu was not inventedsomeone specifically, but as if by all. Italians are very fond of a hard biscuit for tiramisu, which, usually, was soaked in coffee. Gradually, all these were supplemented with other products and, of course, another main ingredient for tiramisu - mascarpone cheese.

The name of the dessert in Italian isliterally so "lift my spirits", and these words are justified to the fullest. It is believed that chocolate in combination with coffee, included in the composition, raises the mood, increases vitality, strengthens the general condition.

As already mentioned above, one of the main products for the preparation of Italian dessert is Savoyardi's cookies. Therefore, before you prepare the dessert, you must bake it.

So how is the tiramisu cookie prepared?Recipe: for the preparation of cookies will require three raw eggs, 75 grams of regular sugar and 25 grams of powdered sugar, one glass of flour, potato starch, about 15 grams, lemon juice 1/8 teaspoon (can be replaced with vinegar), vanillin and salt - taste. The dough is prepared as follows. We take eggs and carefully separate the proteins and yolks. A prerequisite is that the yolks do not get to the proteins, otherwise it will not turn out the same tiramisu biscuit. Next, the proteins are salted and beat, adding gradually a portion of the sugar. Mix together until a thick consistency. Yolks rub with sugar, which remained, add vanilla and gently mix with proteins. Now we sow the flour, we interfere with the starch and add the resulting egg mass to it. The finished dough should turn out sticky. Roll it on polyethylene (then it will not stick to the rolling pin), divide into pieces or strips to make a tiramisu biscuit. We lay on a baking tray, slightly warmed and oiled. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 190 degrees and bake the tiramisu cookies for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature and bring the cookie to a shade of golden color.

The cookie Savoryanidi for the cake Tiramisu is ready.You can eat it right away, or you can stretch it for a few days or prepare yourself an Italian dessert. In order to preserve a short cookie, wait for it to cool completely, pack it in a well-closed dish or bag and put it in the freezer. In this form, a biscuit tiramisu biscuit will preserve freshness and taste for a while. In addition, it is very convenient to prepare such a cookie for a cake Tiramisu in advance, if in a few days there comes a family celebration.

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