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Step-by-step recipe for tiramisu from Yulia Vysotskaya

Today we present to your attention a turn-basedrecipe tiramisu from Julia Vysotskaya. It is worth mentioning that this cake is made very quickly, but it turns out to be incredibly tasty and delicate. Moreover, a self-made dessert, unlike a finished shop item, is not very expensive. That is why the recipe for tiramisu from Yulia Vysotskaya is very popular among those who prefer to make cakes at home, and not to buy them in supermarkets.

So, let's look at how to quickly and easily prepare this unusual and very delicate Italian dessert.

Tiramisu: recipe of cooking by Julia Vysotskaya

recipe tiramisu from Julia Vysotsky

In order to make this dessert melting in your mouth, you need to purchase the following ingredients:

  • sweet and soft cheese called "Mascarpone" - 400 g;
  • chicken large eggs - 5 pcs .;
  • powdered sugar - ½ of a faceted glass;
  • cognac any - 2 full large spoons;
  • strong instant coffee - 3 dessert spoons;
  • warm boiled water - 250 ml;
  • cocoa powder, grated dark chocolate or dry drink "Nesquic" - 3 large spoons;
  • biscuits, intended for tiramisu (it is better to take "Savoyardi") - 1 or 2 packages (depending on the number of guests).

The process of preparation of cream

The recipe for tiramisu from Julia Vysotskaya says that ifThe presented cake is cut with a knife, then it is cooked incorrectly. After all, this dessert should be so soft and gentle that it can be consumed only with the help of a spoon. Moreover, the longer it will be kept in the refrigerator, the more delicious it will turn out.

cake tiramisu from vysotsky
Cake "Tiramisu" from Vysotsky necessarily includesin itself sweet and soft cheese "Mascarpone". It is this dairy product that gives all dessert a delicate taste and an airy consistency. Thus, to prepare such a cream, yolks and proteins should be sprinkled on different dishes, and then add the powdered sugar to the first ingredient and beat it so that the mass increases significantly in volume (by 2 or 3 times). Next to the resulting air mixture should put a sweet cheese and mix everything thoroughly. After this, it is required to cool the egg whites and beat them into a thick foam.

When both parts of the sweet cream are completelyready, they must be combined in one container and mixed with a mixer. As a result, you should get quite a thick, gentle and lush mass, which should immediately be used for its intended purpose.

The process of impregnation preparation

If you strictly observe the proportions and methodCooking this cake, you will surely get a delicate and delicious dessert "Tiramisu". The recipe of Julia Vysotskaya includes not only an airy and sweet cream with "Savoyardi" sticks, but also a special impregnation into which all the cookies are preliminarily dipped.

For the preparation of such a liquid mass,take a strong instant coffee, pour it with a glass of warm boiled water and mix thoroughly. Further into the resulting drink it is required to pour in a few spoons of cognac. On this fragrant impregnation is considered completely ready.

tiramisu recipe of Julia Vysotsky

The process of formation and beautiful decoration of dessert

The recipe for tiramisu from Julia Vysotskaya requiresmandatory use of glass or crystal crescent. It is in such a transparent dish that the dessert will look as beautiful and appetizing as possible. Thus, you should take Savoyardi cookies, quickly dip it into the coffee impregnation and put it in the crockery (in the form of one layer).

Next on the base you need to put a couple of spoonsair cream and repeat the procedure with spreading impregnated sticks. It should be noted that there can be two such layers, and three, and four. At the end, the dessert should be completely poured with air cream, and then generously sprinkle with cocoa powder, grated dark chocolate or a dry drink such as "Nesquic."

How to properly present the Italian dessert to the table?

dessert tiramisu recipe of Julia Vysotsky
After the dessert "Tiramisu" is completeit is necessary to place the croissants in the refrigerator (if possible, cover it with cooking paper or foil) and keep it for at least 12 hours. During this time, the biscuits are completely soaked with coffee drink and sweet cream, becoming more tasty, soft and tender. This dessert should be served to the table in a cold form with or without tea.

Useful advice to housewives

The main and invariable component of such a cakeis a cream made from soft mascarpone cheese. As for the basis, for this dessert the "Savoyardi" (or "lady fingers") is the most suitable. For those who do not know exactly how such products look, it should be noted that they are a flat elongated cookie, which is covered with grains of sugar. "Savoyardi" pretty easily absorbs the liquid, which makes it very soft and gentle. If you could not find such products in your city, then you can use the usual purchased cakes for classic cakes instead.

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