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Oatmeal cookies from oatmeal - benefit for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Oatmeal cookies from Hercules is loved not only by adults, but also by children.This variant has a distinctive taste, which is not similar to other products. This is what cookies are for. It has appeared for a long time. Even in times of tsarist rule, Russia knew such a delicacy. First of all porridge was made from porridge. They were used as bread. Later the composition began to be supplemented with sugar, fats, oils, eggs. All new and new recipes were created by the hostesses. In Russia, St. Petersburg became one of the most famous in terms of baking oatmeal cookies. All the travelers necessarily tried to buy a box of this delicacy with them.

oatmeal cookies from oat-flakes
Oatmeal cookies from Julia Vysotskaya suggestuse of pure oatmeal. The flour is not included in the composition. There are nuts and seeds, with which you can increase not only the taste, but also the usefulness of this dish. Children who are not enthusiastic about oatmeal porridge, such milk cookies can come up as a breakfast or an afternoon snack. It is unlikely that any of them will refuse such a treat. At the output of this recipe will get 60 pieces of liver, but if this is a lot, you can make a serving half as much.

oatmeal cookies from Julia Vysotsky
Oatmeal cookies from the oat-flakes in their composition on4.5 glasses of oat flakes contains two eggs, a packet of margarine, you can use butter - 200 grams, a glass of sugar, a teaspoon of soda, a tablespoon of vinegar, you can use lemon juice to quench soda, a little cinnamon, a bag of vanillin, three tablespoons nuts in a crushed form, it is good to fit walnuts and peanuts, a few sunflower seeds, which must first be cleaned and slightly fried.

A recipe for oatmeal cookies suggestsgrinding flakes to grains in a blender or on a conventional meat grinder. After that it is necessary to soften the margarine, however, do not melt it to the liquid state, its consistency should be creamy. Margarine mass is rubbed with sugar, vanillin and cinnamon.

After that, eggs are added there and allis mixed. Once the new ingredient is introduced into the mass, it is necessary to mix it. Then crumbled oat flakes are poured. Dough can be varied with seeds or chopped nuts. Soda is extinguished with vinegar or lemon juice and added to the dough. After that, the mass is mixed once more and goes to the fridge so that the flakes swell. This will take from 40 minutes to one and a half hours.

Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Oatmeal cookies from oat-flakes are baked on a sheeta baking tray, which can be oiled, or can be laid with parchment. On top of the laid out cookies. Between each little thing you need to leave a small distance. This is necessary so that during baking, when the mass begins to disperse, the cookies do not stick together. In order to mold cookies, it is best to moisten the hands with water, roll a small ball out of the mass and flatten it. For beauty, you can sprinkle a small amount of poppy, sesame, sugar or nuts on top.

The biscuits are baked for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees. Oatmeal cookies from the oatmeal must be constantly checked so that it does not burn.

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