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Hysterosalpingography, reviews about the procedure

One of the reasons for infertility in women can beobstruction of the fallopian tubes or poor patency. To clarify their condition, a hysterosalpingography procedure is appointed, reviews and questions about which can be found on women's forums. How is it conducted? Does this hurt and how long does the procedure take? Let's figure it out.

The essence of the procedure

Hysterosalpingography is a contrastingmethod of research, ie, a special substance is introduced into the uterine cavity, after which the degree of its passage through the uterine tubes under the control of the X-ray is estimated.

Normally, the tubes open into the abdominal cavity, wherethe ovaries are located. If the X-ray shows that the contrast material has got there, then the patency of the pipes is not broken. If the contrast material breaks off at a certain site, then it can not go any further, like an ovule in the uterus.

Types of hysterosalpingography

There is a procedure under controlX-ray, as well as a contrast ultrasound of the fallopian tubes. The latter has advantages. Since this type of study uses water as the injected substance, such undesirable consequences as an allergic reaction and an inflammatory process can be avoided. In addition, during the procedure with the help of ultrasound, a therapeutic effect is achieved, this is possible thanks to a pump that increases the pressure in the tubes and relieves their spasm. When X-ray study, this result is difficult to achieve.

When can I perform the procedure?

Hysterosalpingography, reviews about whichbe different, carried out in the first half of the menstrual cycle, it can be done the day after the end of menstruation. It is not necessary to carry out this procedure after ovulation, especially if the woman does not know how much the risk of pregnancy is. The inflow of fluid into the uterus can trigger fetal abnormalities or spontaneous abortion.

When planning hysterosalpingography for the periodovulation is best to refrain from having sex or use protective equipment. If this could not be done, the procedure should be postponed to a later time.

Preparing for the procedure

Before conducting a contrast study,to give a smear to study the vaginal flora. There is also a study for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. Hysterosalpingography is associated with a risk of developing an ascending infection. Bacteria can enter the uterine cavity from the vagina.

The day before the procedure, do not overload the intestines, dinner should be easy. On the day of the procedure, it is undesirable.

If the X-ray of the fallopian tubes is carried out, then the bladder should be emptied, and if the ultrasound of the tubes, then, on the contrary, one must drink before the procedure to fill the bladder (as with a normal ultrasound of the uterus).

How is the procedure performed?

The vagina is treated to remove the flora,then a mirror is inserted and a catheter is placed in the cervix. Through it, a contrast agent enters the uterine cavity, at which time several X-rays are taken.

Depending on the doctor's qualification and the pain threshold of a woman, the procedure can be performed using anesthetics.

Basically, a woman is left in the clinic for 2 days, she needs to rest. Also, the doctor should make sure that there is no bleeding (they are rare) or allergies.

Hysterosalpingography, reviews

Not everyone is happy after the procedure.So, many recall with horror its conduct. The sensations of a woman depend largely on who carries out hysterosalpingography, the feedback can be both positive and negative. If the procedure is performed by an experienced doctor, the patient is satisfied, she is not in pain, and discomfort can be observed from the insertion of mirrors and a catheter.

In addition, a small percentage of women experience an exacerbation of the inflammatory process after the procedure.

Temperature increases may also occur.allergic reaction (rash, shortness of breath, fainting) to a contrast agent (iodine) and bleeding. With all these symptoms that have already occurred at home, you need to consult a doctor.

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